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No. Appointments are only needed for spays and neuters. Please see Hours of Operation.
No. We are a spay/neuter/vaccine clinic, plus, we do minor office visits. You are welcome to come look at our bulletin board in the lobby where clients post various notices.
Yes. We have highly, experienced, licensed veterinarians. We are not a teaching facility and do not accept volunteers.
Only if it is medically necessary and only at the doctors discretion. Be prepared to sign a form letting him make the decision. Please be aware that you cannot stay with the animal while the procedure is being done.
Please call our office at 714-638-8111 for information.
Cats-about 5-7 days Dogs-about 3 weeks
The first vaccine is a one year rabies. From then on, it is a three year rabies.
Until it is a year old.
Dogs-usually twice a year. Cats will come into heat several times in Spring and Fall..approximately every 2-3 weeks.
If it is a series of 2 or 3 vaccines, the animals need to come in every three weeks between each vaccine. Also, keep the animal off the grass where strange animals urinate and defecate until the series is completed.
Once a month
Once a year
No. Keep them inside and schedule a spay/neuter appointment.
The small, rice, type worms you see are tapeworms. Animals get them by swallowing a flea. They should be on flea medication once a month.
Frontline can be started at 8 weeks. Advantage can be started at 7 weeks.
A female gets spayed. A male gets neutered.
At Golden State, a cat has to be 4 months old or 5 lbs. A dog has to be 4 months old or 5 lbs. also. If your dog is 1 year old and still does not weigh 5 lbs. it must be examined by the vet to be approved for surgery.
Because we are a non-profit facility. We are supported by and happy to accept donations.
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